What Are Sugar Ants? (Details Guide 2022)

Let’s be honest; no one likes ants in their home, let alone the thought of some mysterious ants roaming on the floor. That brings us to sugar ants; it’s a generic term used for ants seeking sweets in the United States. However, there is a real sugar ant variety out there, which is available in Australia, known as banded sugar ants. The banded ants were discovered back in the year 1842 through their brown and orange bands. These banded ants are still native to Australia and aren’t generally seen in the U.S.

Why Do Sugar Ants Cluster Up In Your Home?

As the name suggests, they are attracted by sugar, and it’s important to outline that your home has different categories of sugar. The most surprising fact is that the ants are attracted to a specific type of sugar, such as jellies, jams, honey, maple syrup, and corn syrup. In addition, they are attracted to powdered sugars, white sugars, and brown sugars. Not to forget, it can be attracted by nectar, cakes, fruits, and soft drinks.

These ants can invade indoor places, such as pantries and kitchens, and go through gaps around windows and doors. In addition, they can snuggle in through foundational cracks along with tears in windows and door screens. At this point, we do want to add that dirty kitchen floors and countertops and uncovered trash cans can attract these ants like nothing else. For this reason, it’s essential to keep everything clean, seal the pantry foods, and fill in the cracks and gaps.

How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants?

Managing and preventing ants in your home can be challenging, especially when you have too many sweets at home. With this section, we are adding ten products for killing off sugar ants, such as;

TERRO T300 Liquid Ant Baits – this is great at killing different types of ants, including sugar ants. It actually attracts the ants to come and enjoy the taste. When they do, borax will infest their stomach, eventually killing them. Regular use of ant baits for a week will kill off the entire colony

Advion Ant Gel Insecticide – this product comes with indoxacarb-based baits and syringes and kills the stomach. It has an 80% active killing rate; you can squeeze it in the cracks where ants come in from, and ants will be killed off. Not to forget, it’s easily available and has a lower price

Maxforce Ant Bait Gel-Ant Poison – the gel is loaded with fipronil and can kill the entire colony of sugar ants within three to five days. In addition to sugar ants, it can also kill the pavement house ants and odorous ants

AMDRO Kills Ants Bait Stations & Bait Granules – there are outdoor as well as indoor baits available, so you can kill the ants in your home and the queen. However, the baits take around one week

Termidor Foam – this treatment has fipronil which can effectively kill sugar ants, pests, and termites. You can simply spray it in the gaps and cracks, and the density of foam will hinder ants’ activity

Termidor SC Termiticide – this is a professional insecticide designed to kill the sugar ant colonies in outdoor settings. In addition, it can be mixed with sweet food to attract the ants

Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait – this works as a queen sterilizer, so you can kill the sugar ant colony from the roots. In addition, it hinders the reproduction of queens, promising zero progress of ant reproduction. However, it does take around two weeks to kill every sugar ant around your space

White Vinegar – white vinegar isn’t the professional sugar ant killer, but it does a great job at killing them. It can kill the sugar ants and repel any progression. You can spray white vinegar on ants as well as into the holes

Neem Oil – this is an essential oil that does a great job at repelling sugar ants and can be sprayed on ants after mixing it with water. What’s best about neem oil is that it repels mosquitos as well

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil – it’s a natural repellent for bugs, so just drench cotton balls in this oil and place it in the gaps. However, you have to change the cotton balls after every few days to yield an effective outcome

Where Do Sugar Ants Come From?

It’s a common belief that these ants come from outside, which is true to some extent. That’s because they come through vents, cracks, and openings in search of water and food. However, when one ant from the colony finds a hole, every ant from the colony will make their way into your place (they create a trail). In addition, they develop sugar ant nests in gaps and voids. Keep in mind that these nests can be created in unused areas of your home as well. For this reason, you should follow their trail and kill them at the source with the help of insecticide or a killing bait.

Will Sugar Ants Bite Me?

These particular ants are known to bite but don’t bite aggressively (there is no research regarding that). In addition, the bites won’t be painful and won’t create any burns and bumps unless someone is highly allergic. So, if you were pondering, “do sugar ants bite?” they do!

Are Sugar Ants Destructive?

No, they aren’t destructive but can contaminate the food. However, carpenter ants can be pretty destructive because they make ant nests within the moist wood’s voids. As a result, the development of nests will weaken the wooden structure and eventually lead to destruction. For this reason, sugar ants in the home are clear threats, especially if your home is made from wooden structures.

Do Sugar Ants Get Attracted To Water?

Sugar ants need to survive to grow their colonies, and water is an essential element. For this reason, the leaking pipes, dirty sinks, condensed, and bathrooms will attract ants. So, if you want to prevent sugar ants in kitchen or home, you must fix the leaking pipes, wrap the condensed pipes, and don’t let the water stand around. Also, if your kitchen has a sink-oriented garbage disposal, don’t forget to add bleach after every day to eliminate the accumulation of sugar ants.