What Are Black Ants? (Details Guide 2022)

Black ants are one of the most common ant species around, and they are commonly found in the gardens, but they easily invade the homes as well. Generally, black ants are available in the countryside and tend to nest where the soil is sandy yet dry. However, there are two types of black ants, carpenter ants, and little black ants or small black ants.

The black carpenter ants are common in Idaho and Arizona and are known for dark red legs. They have a dull black color, and there is golden hair on their abdomen. Contrary to usual belief, black ants snuggle in wooden structures for creating nests (timbers and trees are their common habitat). However, if you see carpenter ants in your home during winter, it’s time to pick up the ant killer spray.

Secondly, the little black ants are actually pretty small, and their color range from black to dark brown. These ants are commonly found in California and San Francisco. However, they reside under stones and debris. Within the home, they create nets under the carpets and wall cracks.

How To Get Rid Of Black Ants?

When it comes down to getting rid of black ants, your primary goal should be killing be queen ant. However, there are different products that can help kill them, such as;

TERRO Indoor Liquid Bait – this is a liquid ant killer with a borax foundation. The borax will upset the ants’ stomachs which leads to their death within three days. Truth be told, it works slowly but can kill the entire colony within two weeks.

Dupont Advion Ant Gel Bait – this is a gel product with indoxcarb, which is the primary and active ingredient. The gel can be applied in hard-to-reach areas, such as voids and cracks in the wall. Moreover, it has poison for killing the ant colony and queen.

Termidor Foam – This product is designed with fipronil and has a dry foam configuration. It can be easily sprayed into the wall cracks or wherever you locate the ant colonies. You might need to spray the colonies and nest for a few days, but it eliminates black ants from the core.

Talstar Professional Insecticide – this is a professional insecticide that has sufficient bifenthrin content. It can kill the ants on contact and actually creates a protective layer around the home, and the effects will last up to three months.

Now that you have selected the right product for killing the black ants, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, such as;
To begin with, you have to kill the queen. Generally, people spray killer or insecticide over the ants that they see, but it’s useless unless you kill the queen of the black ant colony. For this purpose, you have to feed them poison and use slow-acting products.

It is better to use containers and dispensers rather than liquid products because they simply dry away. That being said, you should opt for gel baits that skirt around the cracks and voids to stick and kill the ants.

Secondly, if you want to prevent the growth and infestation of black ants in your home, there are some prevention strategies that will help, such as;

The black ants are generally attracted to sugary foods, which is why it’s important to get rid of leftover food and food scraps. For this purpose, you should use sealed or airtight containers for leftovers. Not to forget, pet food can also attract the black ants, so rinse their bowls properly.

Always clean the kitchen surfaces and counters to keep them free of debris and food particles. In addition to kitchen counters, you should also clean the couch cushions, kitchen stools, and clear the bins. Keep in mind that a clean kitchen will not only wipe away the blacks ants but also prevent their comeback.

Black ants often come into home searching for dry and warm climates, along with water and moisture. That being said, if your home has standing water or leaking taps, get them fixed and dry up every space
Since small black ants can seep through the cracks and small gaps of your home. So, make sure that these gaps and cracks are properly sealed. In addition, you should follow the ant trails to find their entry and exit points and seal them.

Why Do Black Ants Cluster Up In Your Home?

The black ants move into the homes when they need moisture/water or heat. Their colonies start developing under stones, patios, and debris. In addition, they grow in the wall cracks and voids. However, black ants in garden are fine, but if you see them inside your home, there is a chance of large-scale infestation, which needs to be controlled.

If you want signs of their infestation, if you see them crawling in your cabinets, kitchen floor, or bathroom, that’s a sign enough. This is because black ants move around these areas in search of water and food. As for the cracks and gaps, black ants get in there to create a nest. Commonly, black ants make a nest in masonry and wooden structures.

Where Do Black Ants Come From?

For the most part, these ants nest in masonries and wooden structures, such as trees and logs. However, they can get inside the home and reside under the carpets. In case you have a lawn, they will rest under the lawn debris, and at-home infestation is the result of improper food disposal or storage. Not to forget, the bathroom is one place with excessive moisture, and that can attract black ants. For this reason, you have to clean the home and make sure it’s dry. Overall, these ants reside outside but come inside after getting attracted to moisture and food leftovers.

Will Black Ants Bite Me?

Yes, black ants bite, but that’s a rare case. However, their bites are not harmful, and you will only feel the burning sensation. Still, even the burning sensation will go away within a few minutes. Keep in mind that black ants bite, but they do it in self-defense, so don’t tease them. If you are concerned about rashes and other health issues, black ants won’t cause them.

Are Black Ants Destructive?

Yes, they can be destructive because they chew on the wooden structures and transform them into sawdust. That being said, if black ants infect your furniture, they will damage the wooden base and make colonies.

Do Black Ants Get Attracted To Water?

Yes, they are attracted to water and any place with dampness and moisture. For this reason, they enter around the leaking pipes and water pools in the bathroom. This is the prime reason why people are asked to keep their homes dry and clear the damp points.