Complete Guide About What Are Baby Bed Bugs? (2023)

What Are Baby Bed Bugs?

The baby bed bugs are commonly known as nymphs and grow up to be bed bugs. These are the freshly-hatched eggs that molt to become adult bed bugs. They tend to live behind the headboards, under the mattresses, and in couch foam. They are the size of a sesame seed and have whitish color and generally consume blood but can survive without it for over six months. The baby bed bugs look exactly like mature beg bugs but smaller but are easy to identify.

These bugs tend to have specific harbourage areas. They have a flat shape and can hide in tight places, which makes them hard to spot. The common residing areas inside the box springs, mattresses, and furniture. In addition, they can be behind the baseboards and picture frames as well as under the peeling wallpaper. In some cases, they go inside the flooring cracks and electrical outlets. For the most part, they are active at night and move around sleeping people.

Why Do Baby Bed Bugs Cluster Up In Your Home?

Baby beg buds have an oval and flat shape. Honestly, they cluster up in your home because they are attracted to mattresses and foams. They can be identified by the brown or reddish fecal spots on the walls and mattresses. If you see these points, it means the baby bed bug infestation. In addition, another sign is biting on the legs and arms. For the most part, the bites smell but can become itchy and swell up.

As far as investing in the home is concerned, they do it for shelter. If you are considering how they get into the home, they opt for hitchhiking in backpacks, luggage, or other upholstered surfaces. Once they are in the home, they will travel between different rooms.

Baby Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid Of Baby Bed Bugs?

Since baby bed bugs can be stressful, irritating, and painful, it is important to get rid of the bed bugs. In the section below, we are sharing the information that will help eliminate the baby bed bugs, such as;

  • Vacuuming

If the baby bed bugs infestation is light, you can simply opt for vacuuming. It is suggested to use a powerful vacuum and make sure it has a HEPA filter, as it will help remove the visible bugs.

  • Do Laundry

If you are someone who does laundry regularly, you would know that washers have different temperature settings. It’s needless to say that baby bed bugs can shift to clothes from foams and mattresses. That being said, if there are bed bugs in your clothes, you need to wash or dry up the clothes at the highest temperature. To illustrate, the temperature should be a minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bugs.

  • Insecticides

If you want to opt for some fool-proof ways of eliminating strong baby bed bug infestation, you can use chemical-based insecticides. For instance, you can use diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it on the infested area. However, if you are using chemical insecticides on bedroom items, you might have to put them in sunlight to make sure the chemical fades away and doesn’t harm you.

  • Freeze

Do you know that baby bed bugs can freeze to death? So, you simply put your clothes and bedding in the freezer. On the other hand, if you are living in colder countries, just hang the infested pieces outside and let those cold winds take away the bugs.

  • Brush

If you are fine with some labor, you can opt for a stiff brush and clean the seams of upholstery and mattresses. The stiff brush will be able to scrape away the baby bugs as well as the eggs that could be hiding in the crevices and seams.

  • Sealing

We have mentioned that baby bed bugs can reside in the cracks and crevices in the wallpaper and paint. That being said, you can fix them or simply seal them to make sure bed bugs don’t have any place to hide.

  • Calling Professional Exterminators

If you have tried all these strategies to get rid of bed bugs, but they are still there, you can call the professionals. The exterminators are highly likely to use a combination of heating treatments, steam, chemicals, and pesticides to eliminate the infestation that’s out of control. In addition, the professionals will inspect every nook and corner of your home, locate the potential infection, and isolate them.

On the other hand, if you are living in an apartment, you will need to check with your landlord because it’s their responsibility to fix the infestation. In the section below, we are sharing more information on preventing the baby bed bugs infestation in your home, such as;

  • Always keep the stuff off the floors when visiting shelters, motels, hotels, and hostels
  • Always check the furniture and bedding before you lay down somewhere
  • Make sure that your mattresses and upholstery are cased with hypoallergenic casing
  • Always wear full clothes to bed
  • It’s best to look for a pesticide-treated net for the bed, particularly when you are traveling to a foreign country
  • Always double-check the furniture and bedding that you buy from someone else or thrift stores
  • Make sure your home and room are free from clutter

Where Do Baby Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are common at any place where humans gather together and spend some time. For instance, it is pretty common in public transportation as well as in libraries. Similarly, they are common in hotel rooms. For this reason, you need to double-check everything and use a flashlight for visual inspections. Also, always check the furniture and bedding before getting them in your home.

Will Baby Bed Bugs Sting Or Bite Me?

Yes, baby bed bugs sting humans and suck on their blood because they need blood to survive and develop. So, they will bite you.

How Bad Is The Sting Of A Baby Bed Bug?

Humans become the host for baby bed bugs, and they are likely to latch onto the skin. Honestly, the bite tends to be painless, but some people might get an allergy. As a result, the bites will become swollen, itchy, and red. In the majority of cases, the bites will be done in smaller clusters and patterns.

Are Baby Bed Bugs Destructive?

They aren’t destructive to furniture and mattresses, but they will bite humans. So, they aren’t destructive for materialistic stuff.

Do Baby Bed Bugs Get Attracted To Water?

No, baby bed bugs are not attracted to water, but they do float on the water’s surface. In addition, they won’t submerge in water which is why hot water is essential to kill them away. However, in the section below, we are sharing what baby bed bugs are attracted to, such as;

  • They are attracted to carbon dioxide and will reside in areas where there is a higher concentration of CO2
  • They are attracted to warmth which is the prime reason they infest mattresses and beds
  • They are more attracted to darker bed sheets, so keep your rooms airy and light up
  • They are attracted to dirty clothes and another laundry

How To Get Rid Of Baby Bed Bugs Bites?

To get rid of bed bug bites, it is suggested to wash the bites with a water and soap mixture. In addition, you should apply calamine lotion or cold compress to get rid of swelling and itching.