About us

Given climate change, we are identifying new species of insects and pests that we never knew existed. Similarly, the audience has no idea how to identify and kill insects in their homes, but at Elovn, we want to change the narrative. Elovn is designed to enhance awareness about different insects and help our audience get their spaces clean and free from insects. 

Elovn has a properly curated and well-researched blog that shares information about different types of insects and pesticides. In addition, our blog focuses on preventive and elimination strategies for insects. At Elovn, we have procured a team of researchers who test each product recommended to fix the damage done by insects and repel them. 

We believe that everything can be fixed, which is why we have developed this blog to help our audience fight off the bugs and insects, and eliminate their colonies to keep their spaces safe and protected. We take pride in designing this in-depth blog that understands the insect-related problem and provides guidance to fix the issues. Also, you are always welcome to contact us regarding your special needs.